Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hello - It is me! Adriana's Life July 2016- current!

Good evening my friends! Well let me just say I haven't been as attentive to this blog in a while. I have been working on and I know I get a bit excessive with the blogs. I like to write funny and witty things, but here I can just update everyone on my life! So here it goes!

July 2016

We celebrated Hailey, Mom, and Priest's Birthday! Amongst that we went to Lagoon and had a great time! I also went to see Panic! At the Disco with my friends :) Let us not forget the epic Wendover trip for Lucy's birthday!

Wendover Night! 

August and September 2016
 I started my graduate program at Grand Canyon University (GCU) in September and I absolutely love it! I dragged Annah to the Demolition Derby here in West Jordan, I went to concerts at the Veridian, had a girls date with my niece, and did many other fun things! Let us not forget I took on a new position as the Admin to the Director of the department! 

Demolition Derby

Day trip to Antelope Island

Visted Ted Bundy's Cellar :S

October, November, December 2016

October is always fun, I went to Gardner Villiage with Cindy and also dressed up as Jurassic World/Park with the Operations team! I went to Improv Broadway (this might have been in August or September, I cannot remember, but it also might have been in October!). Had Thanksgiving with my family, and had lunch with my best friends, and also celebrated Christmas with my family and friends!

January 2017:

So here we are all current, and I had such good times last year! So far 2017 has been great! I got to celebrate New Years with Annah and Kayla, and then it has been snowy. I have a 4.0 in my school, I am on my third class, and expect to graduate next year! I went to Paint Nite with Shayla who is our newest admin and she is so fun! I have also been working on my goals and trying to live the best life ever! So here is to the adventures we will continue to have, I promise to blog more frequently! 

New Years Eve


Friday, July 1, 2016

The Life and Times of Adriana in 2016 - So Far

*Live Simply* *Dream Big* *Be Grateful* *Give Love* *Laugh Lots*
 Hello, it is me! Long time NO blog on this particular blog. I have been hilariously finding my voice on my other blogs. Trying to find my voice and working on different types of blogs. But it is time to update you all on my personal blog! 2016 has been a game changer, and we have 6 months left! I love my life, I regret nothing, and I have become a stronger individual than I have been in the past. So let me start with some of Adriana's highlights.

My niece and I went to Frozen on Ice with Paige and her Niece! We had such a blast and I loved spoiling this little diva niece of mine! 

With time comes changes, and friendships change and grow or grow apart. I got the chance to go to Lava with Alex, um HE MOVED BACK! Marshall and Alex moved back to SLC and made my whole year that much better! Amy and Lucy and I have become quite the best of friends! 

For my 27th birthday this year we went to the Dinosaur Museum and it was a freaking blast! Annah is one of the best and Lucy is the best! And ALEX is the best!  

Paige threw me a Little Mermaid themed birthday party and I had so much fun! 

Me and the family at the annua
Me and my sorority sisters at Shannon's Wedding in June!
This year so far has been a pretty spectacular year! I think the biggest accomplishment to date is the purchasing of my very own condo! My heart is there so it must be home! I crave to go home to my little slice of heaven. It has been a long time since I have felt like home was truly mine. I do live alone, but I am over the roommate scene for now. The new ward I am in is great, and I just got a new calling of "Co-Chair of Munch and Mingle". I am very excited to see where this new chapter goes. I have had my home for about three months now, and each day gets more exciting! Here are some Pictures of the inside. Mind you, I still have loads of decorating to do when there is extra cash! 

I am still working at SelectHealth as an Office Coordinator for the Health Services department. I think I am wanting to advance in my career. We have had some ups and downs in our little admin team, and I have been doing a lot of covering, a lot of the time alone. I do not mind, but it is wearing me thin. I applied for a higher Office Coordinator position in the Human Resource and Learning Services side, just to see what could come of that. As of today, I have not heard anything. If I do not get it, then I will be happy to stay where I am at, but if I do get it, I think it will be a good change of pace for me! 

I am also thinking a masters degree is in order again, but it is one of those things I cannot just rush into. A lot of personal, spiritual, and career decisions to look forward to making and deciding on. I always thought 27 was going to be a big year for me! 

Until Next Time!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Long Time no Talk

Good morning world, it has been some time since I have talked. I have been keeping up on my other blogs, just jotting down things here or there. Life has been pretty interesting the last almost year to say the least. I have had some ups and I have had some downs.

Here are a few of the last years highlights:
Went to the State Fair with Paige
Went to Initiation at the University of Utah Alpha Phi Chapter
Celebrated Paige's Birthday in December
Celebrated Christmas in Spiritual and Fun Ways
I've been sticking to my fitness goals :) 
Went to Kongos for my Birthday
Celebrated my birthday with my first ever surprise party AND silly string! 
Easter Brunch with the family
And LOADS of pool time this summer already

Went and saw Wicked in August last year with the parentals.

Until Next time!

Monday, August 4, 2014

One year anniversary

On no it isn't what you think, but I am celebrating 1 year. This year anniversary is  special. Tomorrow marks one year at SelectHealth. I cannot imagine my life any differently. I remember being so nervous to start this change. It was terrifying being away from my mom and friends at the clinic. Even though I miss the shennanegans we would get into, I absolutely love it here. The work, the people, the career opportunities.
In just one year I have learned new programs, mastered ones I knew, made new friends, will have my CEAP, received 3 pay increases (including the one when I went from my pay at the clinic to SelectHealth), and expanded my professional network. I Invision more career opportunities in the future and I am ecstatically happy where I am today.
Much love to my job.
Some pics from this year.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A happy, healthier, and positive me! (And some updates)

I am probably annoying people these days with how happy I am. No, there is no man in my life and there is nothing too exciting other than work going on. But I was in a rut. I decided it was time to worry about Adriana. No more worrying about what others think, planning my day around other people, no more thinking I am too cool for church, and all that jazz. I decided I needed to get my act together and do good things for ME!
You have to take care of yourself first. Before befriending others, you have to be your own friend. Before correcting others, you have to correct yourself. Before making others happy, you have to make yourself happy. It’s not called selfishness, it’s called personal development. Once you balance yourself, only then can you balance the world around you...

So what have I been doing? Well I started reading my scriptures again. I am LDS (if you did not know). If you are not sure what that is ... go to I promise it is worth taking a look at. I also started journaling. When you have self discovery and revelations unto yourself you start to really look in the mirror and know that you are being a moody judy. Not fun!! Especially when I am my very own critique.

Another thing is, I have decided to force myself to be happy, positive, and kind. Even when I want to say things, it is better to hold my tongue than to say something that I will or will not regret later. If I really want to say it, and I feel I should, I have also learned to just accept the feedback I get back from whoever I am talking to.

I also decided that exercise is where it is at. I feel better when I am working. You know... endorphins. They make you happy. Just like they say in Legally Blonde. I can also work out my frustrations.

One more thing I have done, is to try and do more fun things. No more waiting for people to save money or ditch out on me last minute. If I have money and the time, I am going to do it. I am young, single, and free. I can do whatever I want. As long as I have the funds, and it is something I want to do.

I decided to make a goal for every day. Last weeks list went like this:

Monday: Go out to dinner with a friend.
Tuesday: Make a change
Wednesday: Relax
Thursday: Rent a movie
Friday: Try a new food
Saturday: Go out with a friend

I accomplished all of these, except for Friday. I was going to go to dinner with my brother and sister - in - law, but my sister - in - law got sick! No fun for her! I am going to try to do something that makes me happy. I just decided that it was time to do me, get out of funks, and do what I want to do. With or without approval from friends.

Fitness quote

So what have I been up to lately? Well last week I went to the Midway Crater in Midway Utah with Zack. It is a 90 foot crater that you can swim in. The water is really warm.

Then that next Friday my mom and Paige's mom and Paige and I went to the Desert Star theater and dinner and had a lovely ladies night! It was really fun!

Then we had Easter. I had my family over at my parents house for strawberry waffles. It was really fun and I loved having them all over!

We were just missing Ashton and Lisa at our Easter Sunday. They were in St. George with her family.
Other then that I have been doing fun things like going to dinner with my gym buddy Cyndi, and then I got my hair blonde (the pic above was a couple days before I went blonde). I also am down 2 more pounds from my last weigh in which is good. Then last night I went to dinner and Nicklemania with some friends. That was a really good time, except there are no pictures LOL.

Anyway that is all of the updates from me right now. I am just living my life and doing what I can. No doubt I have been in a funk, and not sure exactly what I wanted to do, but I am figuring it out and stepping outside of it.

Until next time....

Monday, April 7, 2014

What's that? Oh I know... a big old slap in the face!

Good morning,

This past weekend was a true enjoyment because it was conference weekend. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If you want to find out more about my religion click on this link, or click on this link to find out more too!! Everyday I try to be the person I need and want to be, but understanding this can be hard at times. I just love conference weekend (it happens twice a year - in April and in October). It is where we get to hear the leaders of our faith speak to us on the TV, live, radio, Internet, etc..

Well... every time I get a big old slap in the face of what I should be doing or need to be doing ... that maybe I am not. One of the quotes I got was :

Photo: What did you think about L. Tom Perry's talk?

Which is so true! You can choose to live the way you need or want to live. Which is why I love my religion! I am not trying to pressure anyone into looking into it or joining it. I understand that all religions and all views and opinions are beautiful and we all have the right and the freedom to express them (here in the good old USA).

I just know that this conference was truly a good reminder of who I want and need to be. It was a beautiful reminder of what I need to do to become the person I need and want to be in order to find the man I want and need.

I think some new goals for this month are in order. I made my new year's resolutions, but I need to set monthly, weekly, and daily goals in order to aspire hire. Truly.

Anyway that is my mushy - religious POV, I am not even going to apologize for it. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Until Next time!

Hello - It is me! Adriana's Life July 2016- current!

Good evening my friends! Well let me just say I haven't been as attentive to this blog in a while. I have been working on http://poorwor...